The iPod Touch in JHAT, Jr.

The point of this page is to offer you tips, helps, resources, etc. on using our iPod touch in the JHAT, Jr. Summer Academy and in your classroom. The goal in getting these iPods into YOUR hands is hopefully to help you see how valuable they can be as a learning tool for your students. If we convince YOU of their value, we hope you can convince your principal, PTA, or other organization to acquire a set of iPods for your school, grade, or even your individual classroom. We are confident the iPod Touch can be a valuable asset to you, as a teacher, and especially to your students.

In the table below I'm attaching a number of "How To" documents. Many of you might not need any tech help, but if you do--no shame in that! I think we're all learning as we go. If you can't figure something out, please ask. If I don't know, I'll do my best to find the answer for you! This is a great page to use our Discussion Tab on and help each other find the answers to questions.

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Getting Started with your iPod Touch
Getting Started with your iPod Touch.doc
This step-by-step document explains what you need to have set up on your computer before beginning to use your iPod. It also gives you the basic steps to set up your iPod.
How to Download & Install iTunes / How to Create and Apple ID
How to Download and Install iTunes.doc
One of the steps to getting ready is having iTunes installed on your computer. You may or may not need to do this. If you DO need to install iTunes, follow these instructions! Also, if you don't want to input your Credit Card information--the "trick" is here too!
How do I download Apps from the iTunes store?
How to Download Applications.doc
The iPod allows you to download Applications--or programs--for use on the iPod. This document explains how you do it.
How to sync your iPod
How To Sync Your iPod Touch.doc
After you've added music or Apps to your iTunes library, you have to sync it with your iPod to get them on the iPod. Follow these instructions to learn how! (And don't worry--its easy!)
How do you connect to Wireless Internet?
How to Connect the iPod to Your Wireless Internet.doc
As long as you can find a connection, you can surf the Internet and use Internet resources right on your iPod! Often the iPod connects automatically, but if you're having trouble--read all about it here!
How do I use Storyrobe?
How to Use Storyrobe.doc
Storyrobe is a great App we'll be using in JHAT, Jr. The online tutorial is great, but feel free to look over these step-by-step directions if you'd like.
How do I use Splice?
How to Use SPLICE.doc
Splice is an easy-to-use Movie Maker App we'll be using in JHAT, Jr. The online tutorial is wonderful, but feel free to use these step-by-step directions as you will.
Need music for Splice?
Where do I get music for my Splice videos.doc
Explains how to find royalty free, copyright-safe music to use in Splice or other video apps.
How to upload your videos to YouTube
How to Upload your Videos to YouTube.doc
We've got a JHAT, Jr. 2011 Channel on YouTube for you to put all your Splice and Storyrobe projects on! Follow these steps to learn HOW to do that!
Questions on copyright?
Copyright Guidelines
Link to Jordan School District's FABULOUS website on Copyright.