Unit 6: Changing Times--20th Century America

Use the table below to upload any resources, lesson plans, units, Eyewitness to the Past unit plans/projects, websites, etc. that you and your colleagues can use in the classroom to teach the material from 5th Grade Unit 6: Changing Times--20th Century America.

(i.e. Exploration Travelogue)
(i.e. An Eyewitness unit plan dealing with traveling with the European explorers)
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(i.e. Tara)
Great Depression DBQ
A Document Based Question about the impact of the Great Depression

Tara C.
Propaganda and World War II
A language arts skills based activity exploring the use of propaganda in the U.S. during WWII

Janet S.
4-Square Assessments/Reflections
The 4-Square assessment on WWI & WWII, and the 4-square reflection on Civil Rights. These are in doc form so they can be modified as you'd like.

Tara C.
Causes of WWI
Student analyze, discuss, and study causes of WWI. Focusing on conflict and what causes conflict. Includes great intro to vocabulary for WWI. Lesson adapted from UEN website.

Picture Vocabulary
Ally Valdez & Tiffany Hardinger
World War I Silent Quote Walk
Post quotes on large paper and give students the opportunity to read, analyze, and respond to the quotes on paper.

Tiffany Hardinger
Great Depression Picture Walk
Have student analyze Primary Source documents from the Great Depression using the Picture Walk. Students respond by either writing their feelings about the picture or how someone in that time period would feel in the situation.
Due to the size of the document & pictures, I have uploaded it to a Google Document. You can download the doc to your computer to print.

To download the document, click the link below.

Tiffany Hardinger
Living Cause & Effect Chart.
Strategy taken from Cohort 2. Students summarize in small groups each of the events in the chart. As a class put the events in order and discuss. For more information, see the Bag O' Tricks synopsis. http://jhatjr.wikispaces.com/Strategies

Tiffany Hardinger
Shared Reading & Story Sequence WWII
Use the book The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco as a shared reading to give students a look into life in Europe during WWII. Read & complete activity after using the Shell Reader: World War II in Europe.
Use the Story Chart, or other activities to practice comprehension.
Tiffany Hardinger
Picture & Quote Walk:
WWII (end of war)
Place photos & quotes on poster paper, place around the room. Have students respond to the quote or the picture.

Tiffany Hardinger
WWII Commemorative Plaque
I saw this activity on TPT, but didn't want to buy it so I put together some info on my own. This is 4 groups of American Heroes that the students can read about and then make a commemorative plaque for in their honor. I just plan to use half sheets of paper and then post them on construction paper.

Mary Pool
Primary Source Analysis: Presidential Speeches
Use the AIPAI worksheet given in Cohort 2 by Judy to analyze the 4 presidential speeches or the visit the National Archives link and use your choice of analysis worksheet.

National Archives Site: Document Analysis Worksheet
Judy Jackman
Primary Source Analysis: Presidential Letters
Analyze the Presidential Letters as a summation activity at the end of the year. Use the link to print the Written Document analysis sheet.

National Archives Site: Written Document Worksheet
Judy Jackman