Unit 5: Inventors, Industry & Immigrants

Use the table below to upload any resources, lesson plans, units, Eyewitness to the Past unit plans/projects, websites, etc. that you and your colleagues can use in the classroom to teach the material from 5th Grade Unit 5: Inventors, Industry & Immigrants.

(i.e. Exploration Travelogue)
(i.e. An Eyewitness unit plan dealing with traveling with the European explorers)
(pdf and .doc files preferred!)
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(i.e. Tara)
Rise of the City: Power Point
Powerpoint on the Rise of the City and the resulting problems

Tara C.
Ellis Island Interactive Tour worksheet
Worksheet to guide you/students through Scholastic's interactive tour of Ellis Island

Tara C.
Strikes in America: "Ready-made" Gallery Walk
Documents for a ready-made Gallery Walk about major strikes in America at the turn of the century.

Tara C.
Industrial Revolution Quiz
Worksheet for students to complete as they read Shell Education leveled text on The Industrial Revolution

Judy J. & Janet S.
Industrial Revolution, Immigration and the Growth of Cities Unit Plan Ideas
From the 5th grade Social Studies workshop presented by Judy Jackman and Tara Chase 2/11/2012 at the Utah Council for the Social Studies Conference

Tara C., Judy J. & Janet S.