Unit 3: US Expansion & Change

Use the table below to upload any resources, lesson plans, units, Eyewitness to the Past unit plans/projects, websites, etc. that you and your colleagues can use in the classroom to teach the material from 5th Grade Unit 3: U.S. Expansion & Change.

(i.e. Exploration Travelogue)
(i.e. An Eyewitness unit plan dealing with traveling with the European explorers)
(pdf and .doc files preferred!)
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(i.e. Tara)
The New Republic: Power Point
A Powerpoint covering the first 5 presidencies of the USA

Tara C.
Lewis & Clark LOC Presentation Worksheet
A worksheet to use with your students as you work through the Library of Congress presentation "Fill Up the Canvas"

Tara C.
Native American DBQ
A Document Based Question about the impact of westward expansion on Native Americans

Tara C.
Interactive Star Spangled Banner
A website devoted to the original flag that flew over Ft. McHenry and inspired our national anthem
The Star Spangled Banner
Shannon D.

Westward Conflicts Gallery walk
A ready-made gallery walk with readings and pictures about conflicts in the settlement of the west

Tara C.
Westward Movement List, Group, Label
Use as a beginning activity to Unit 3 use these key vocabulary words and have students List, Group, Label.

Use these directions for List, Group, Label from the District's Social Studies/History website.

Tiffany Hardinger
Westward Movement Interactive Map
Use the interactive map to teach the westward expansion of the United States
Interactive Map: Westward Expansion
Tiffany Hardinger