Unit 2: The Founding of Our Country

Use the table below to upload any resources, lesson plans, units, websites, etc. that you and your colleagues can use in the classroom to teach the material from 5th Grade Unit 2: The Founding of Our Country.

(i.e. Exploration Travelogue)
(i.e. An Eyewitness unit plan dealing with traveling with the European explorers)
(pdf and .doc files preferred!)
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(i.e. Tara)
Soldier's Pay
Record of how much soldiers earned during Revolutionary War

De Ann Moore
Food Rations
Food rations for Washington's Army

De Ann Moore
Notable Americans of the Revolution
Use these bios and pictures to create a gallery walk of notable American Patriots from the Revolutionary War time.

Tiffany Hardinger
Revolution-Era Quotes
Use quotes as a silent discussion activity or discuss them as a class and have students Stop and Write.

Tiffany Hardinger
Revolution-Era DBQ
A DBQ about the protests leading up to the Revolutionary War
Revolution DBQ
Tara C.
3 Branches of Government DBQ
A DBQ about the three branches of government

Tara C.
Boston Massacre
John Adams speech at the trial of the soldiers
John Adams Speech
Boston Gazette reporting Boston Massacre

Declaration of Independence.
Biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, & Constitution
Biographies of Signers