Smart Notebook Information
Download software: Go to Smart Response and click Choose Version. Choose Mac or PC (Mac Users need to have Mac OS 10.5 or later to get the latest version). Scroll down to download and download and install.

You will need a Product Key (it will work for 30 days without). Email Tara for the product key. To activate the Response portion, you will need to plug in the receiver for Smart Response at least once.

Free Online Training Sources ( on the bottom):
Choose Smart Notebook or Smart Response

In the Jordan School District there are a few teachers that have been prepared as Smart Mentors and have been given resources to be able to teach other teachers how to use this technology effectively in the classroom. This will be the best option as these teachers will show all grade level specific examples of how to use this to teach your curriculum. Those teachers are:

5th Grade: Jill Firkins, Copper Canyon Elementary; Jerri Hansen, Columbia Elementary.
4th Grade: Natalie Perkins, Cody Rindlisbacher, Columbia Elementary; Marlene Shelley, Copper Canyon Elementary.