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On the ARCHIVES lists, note that any items highlighted in yellow are also part of the "suggested resources" on the Jordan School District Utah Core Standards page for 5th grade.

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Standard 1 Archives
Standard 1 Archives Master.doc
This is a Master List of Resources (Photos, Newspapers, etc.) associated with the 5th Grade, Standard 1 Objectives. Standard 1 Archives Page.
Standard 2 Archives
Standard 2 Archives Master.doc
This is a Master List of Resources (Photos, Newspapers, etc.) associated with the 5th Grade, Standard 2 Objectives. Standard 2 Archives Page.
Standard 3 Archives
Standard 3 Archives Master.doc
This is a Master List of Resources (Photos, Newspapers, etc.) associated with the 5th Grade, Standard 3 Objectives. Standard 3 Archives Page
Standard 4 Archives
Standard 4 Archives Master.doc
This is a Master List of Resources (Photos, Newspapers, etc.) associated with the 5th Grade, Standard 4 Objectives. Standard 4 Archives Page
Standard 5 Archives
Standard 5 Archives Master.doc
This is a Master List of Resources (Photos, Newspapers, etc.) associated with the 5th Grade, Standard 5 Objectives. Standard 5 Archives Page
Unit 1: Exploration Real & Imagined
Unit 1 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 1
Unit 2: The Founding of Our Country
Unit 2 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 2
Unit 3: U.S. Expansion and Change
Unit 3 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 3
Unit 4: Brother Against Brother--Civil War
Unit 4 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 4
Unit 5: Inventors, Industry, and Immigrants
Unit 5 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 5
Unit 6: Changing Times--20th Century America
Unit 6 Curriculum Map
The Curriculum Map for Unit 6
The DBQ Dance!
Here is the Power Point to help you teach the DBQ Dance to your students!
Step-by-step instructions for teaching a sample DBQ
Instructing a sample DBQ essay assignment.doc
A JHAT teacher-tested way to help your students feel comfortable writing DBQ's.
The Five Paragraph Essay for Dummies
Five Paragraph Essay.doc
A quick review for teachers (and students) on how to teach and write five paragraph essays

Handouts for the Classroom

How to Teach the DBQ to your students

A quick rundown of how to go about introducing and teaching the concept of Document-Based Questions to your students.
Digital Storytelling Storyboard
The template for storyboarding we used for Splice. Brought to you by
Blank World Map--Exploration
Exploration Blank map.doc
Map to chart explorer's paths to America. Could also be used for Triangle Trade or a variety of other lessons.
Beehive History 25: Families
Beehive History 25
A great magazine full of articles on the multicultural makeup of Utah. Features stories on Tongan weddings, growing up Dine, life in Topaz, miners, etc.
Primary Source
Analysis Worksheets
National Archives
Use these worksheets to help students analyze a variety of different primary source documents.
Muller Map
Library of Congress
First major map to note the Americas. (Thanks to Emily O. for finding us the link! )
Reciprocal Teaching Cards
Reciprocal teaching cards.doc
The four "Job" cards for student groups in the Reciprocal Teaching strategy.
alpha box.pdf

Alpha Boxes.notebook
We have a few options for you with Alphaboxes. (The .notebook file is used with your Smart Notebook software!)
1-2-3 Special Graphic Organizer
The 1-2-3 Special Graphic Organizer
Stop & Write worksheet
The worksheet to guide reading in the "Stop & Write" strategy.
Star Spangled Banner Materials
star spangled banner comic.pdf

lyrics Star Spangled Banner.doc
Materials to help you teach the Star Spangled Banner (War of 1812)--courtesy of the one, and only, Pam Su'a
How to Evaluate a Website
This is a short "essay" for your students to read as your look at Internet research. Its important to be a Critical Researcher!
Research Guide for Students
This is a general worksheet that could be used for any type of Internet research your students do.
DBQ Dance Handouts/Poster
Doing the DBQ Dance.doc
The handout/poster featuring the steps of the "DBQ Dance"
SOAPS Graphic Organizer

A simple, editable tool for having students examine any piece of media or text. (Subject, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Speaker)
BINGO Master
A template to print out terms, definitions/examples, and unique BINGO sheets (30) to review any 26 terms/concepts. Can be used for any curriculum area.
"Blow the Roof Off" Template
A great way to introduce or review information with your students. Collect/insert your facts, print off these instruction cards and have fun!
End of Year Language Arts Terminology Review Bingo
5thgrlangartsrv1-1-1.pdf, 5thgrlangartsrv1-1-1 - Sheet1 - Table 1 - Table 1.pdf
A fun way to review language arts terms for the 4th and 5th grade CRT. Includes definitions, examples for each term.
Human Tic Tac Toe Review Game
Human Tic Tac Toe instructions.doc, X and O.doc, 5th Grade end of year SS questions.doc, 4th Grade End of Year Review Questions1.doc
A fun way to review any content that requires little advance preparation.
Stop & Predict Worksheet

A great way to introduce predictions in the classroom. We used If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but there are numerous sources that would work!

Useful Websites for you and your Students

Stanford History Assessments Site
The Bubble
A wonderful site using historic documents to assess historical thinking.
ANIMATED Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War Animated
This is a great website that "animates" some major battles through history. Check out the Lexington & Concord one, especially!
UC Berkeley History Site
UC Berkeley History Site
This website is chock full of great resources aimed at Elementary-level learners. And a lot of it is already made for you!
Paul Revere's Ride Art Analysis
Lots of good stuff on Edsitement, but this link will take you right to Grant Wood's painting.
Landmark Supreme Court Cases about Students
US Courts Page
Easy to read summaries of key Supreme Court cases your students have a vested interest in.
Analyzing Political Cartoons LOC Website
It's No Laughing Matter
The LOC website we looked over on analyzing political cartoons.
Civil War in 4 Minute Video
Lincoln Library
Go here to get your own copy of the Civil War video we watched in class.
Sticky note website
Corkboard Me
The website Judy showed us in class to use sticky notes with your students
Time Toast
Time Toast
A website where you can find timelines or make your own.
Utah WWII Stories from KUED
KUED Productions
The website to find more information about the "Homefront" video clip Judy showed us in class.
Smithsonian Civil War Facebook Page
Thanks to Machelle for sending this along!!
Gilder Lehrman Historical Online Exhibitions
Gilder Lehrman
Find great online exhibitions about Freedom Riders, America's Wars, Abraham Lincoln and more!
ELECTIONS: Library of Congress Presentation
Library of Congress Presentation
This is a great presentation on Presidential elections--could be a great resource in this election year!!
Gilder Lehrman History MODULES
Gilder Lehrman
This is a REALLY useful site with guided readings and lots of good information on all periods of US history.
Jordan School District Social Studies page
JSD Social Studies/History Page
Explore this website for all sorts of great helps!

The JHAT, Jr. Youtube page can be found at