SMART Notebooks

Is your hand cramping just at the thought of trying to write down all the information Judy shares with us in the afternoon pedagogy sessions? Well RELAX! Use the links here to download the presentations a day in advance so you'll have all the notes you need. OR...just come back here after the summer Academy and take another look at all the amazing materials we covered. Its all fabulous so maybe do both!!

Please note, to download these files you WILL** need the Smart Notebook software. If you have questions on that, check out the link here.
Academy by Day
The Notebook File You Actually Came Here to Get
Topics Covered in this Notebook
June 13th
Day 1.notebook
Backward Design/Exploration & Colonization
June 14th
Day 2.notebook
Exploration & Colonization
June 15th
Day 3.notebook
American Revolution
June 16th
Day 4.notebook
June 17th
Day 5.notebook
Constitution & Government
June 20th
Day 6.notebook
19th Century
June 21st
Day 7 Minus Video.notebook
19th Century
June 22nd
Day 8 minus video.notebook
19th Century/Civil War
June 23rd
day 9.notebook
19th Century/Civil War
June 24th
Day 10.notebook
19th Century
June 27th
Day 11.notebook
20th Century
June 28th
Day 12a.notebook
20th Century
June 29th
Day 13.notebook
20th Century
June 30th
Day 14.notebook
20th-21st Century