JHAT, Jr. AdminTeam

The JHAT, Jr. Team is dedicated to making your experience in the JHAT, Jr. Academy the best professional development of your career! Check out our page to learn a bit more about us and feel free to leave questions, comments or suggestions for how we can make JHAT, Jr. even better!

Pam Su'a: JHAT, Jr. Project Director

Pam has loved history ever since she read John Adams' biography when she was in second grade, and went on to graduate from BYU with a degree in history. She realized she had gone too far when her four children started calling George and Martha Washington (whose portraits were above the fireplace) grandma and grandpa. Pam loves to spend time with her family, would rather garden or cycle or play with Laki and Leila more than anything. She adores the writing of David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, Gordon Wood, loves to travel (any excuse to travel to Europe is valid) and says that working with social studies teachers and students is the best part of her job! Give her Sees' chocolates and you can talk her into anything except attending BYU Rugby games.
Phone: 801-567-8320
Favorite historical time period: The Founding Period

Favorite historical figure of integrity: George Washington (Also the person I would choose to marry if I weren't married to Rocky)

Favorite Restaurant: Archibald's (sitting in the Silo)

Favorite Accomplishment: Surviving a 4-day Bike Tour in Vermont

Tara Chase: JHAT, Jr. Coordinator

Tara graduated from West Jordan High School in 2001 and then broke her parent's "Dyed in the Red, U of U" hearts and attended BYU. She earned a B.A. in History Teaching in 2005 and spent the next 5 1/2 years teaching US History and Utah Studies at South Hills Middle School in Riverton. Tara participated in a previous JHAT program after her first year of public school teaching and the experience changed her entire way of teaching and her life. Really. Outside of reading about history, preparing history curriculum, discussing history with random people on the street, and attending history conferences, Tara enjoys running, watching theatre, eating baked goods, and spending time with her adorable husband.
Phone: 801-567-8130
Favorite historical time period: World War I

Favorite type of cookie: Ginger Molasses or a Smart Cookie

Historical Person I'd like to Roadtrip with: Mark Twain

Favorite Podcast to Download on my iPod: NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"

Judy Jackman: JHAT, Jr. Master Teacher

After teaching language arts in middle school for eighteen years, I had the opportunity to direct the Utah Academy of Teachers. This event changed my career life giving me the opportunity to work with teachers from kindergarten through high school. My content now is social studies taught through strategies involving language arts. I have the opportunity to attend conferences and travel to historical places. Teaching students is great, but I love working with teachers. When I am not preparing curriculum and teaching, my children and twenty grandchildren fill my life.
Phone: 801-567-8171
Favorite historical time period: The Roaring Twenties

Favorite historical figure: Ronald Reagan

Best Breakfast: Hashbrowns and eggs

Book I'd recommend to a friend: The Great Gatsby--because it reflects what is happening in history and impacts history beyond. It shows how literature and history can be integrated.