Fourth Grade: Utah Studies

Use the table below to upload any resources, lesson plans, units, Eyewitness to the Past unit plans/projects, websites, etc. that you and your colleagues can use in the classroom to teach the material from the six 4th Grade Core Curriculum Units:


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Document-Based Question Resources:
What was Utah's role in WWII? (DBQ)
A Document-Based Question on Utah and World War II (Units 4 & 5)
Tara Chase

Impact of Utah's Settlement (DBQ)
A Document-Based Question on Utah's settlement (Units 3 & 5)
impact of settlement DBQ.pdf
Amelia Larsen & Jennifer Shirts

Impact of RR on Utah (DBQ)
A Document-Based Question on the impact of the Railroad on Utah (Unit 5)
Laurie Benson, Angelique Boyles, & Janet Crane
Citizen Responsibilities DBQ
A DBQ about being a responsible Utah citizen (Unit 6)
Tara Chase
Cultural Groups Impact on Utah DBQ
A Document-Based Question about how different immigrant groups have impacted Utah (Unit 4)

Jennifer Shirts and Amelia Larsen
DBQ Rubric
Rubric for scoring DBQ essays

Jennifer S.

Instructional Resources, Articles, Activities:
Blow the Roof Off- WWII and Utah
Ready to print and use cards for instruction or review activity (see Blow the Roof Off in JHAT Bag of Tricks)
Pam and Janet
Dominguez-Escalante Map (ready-to-print!)
Primary Source--the map of the Dominguez-Escalante mission. Ready-to-print in four pieces from the amazing Library of Congress! A translation page of some of the Spanish words helps students interpret the map labels.

Tara via,
Jennifer S.
Utah History Encyclopedia
A great collection of articles about all sorts of Utah history!
Utah History Encyclopedia
End of Year Review- Human Tic Tac Toe
A fun way to review any content- includes questions for a 4th grade end of year SS review game.
Human Tic Tac Toe instructions.doc, X and O.doc, 4th Grade End of Year Review Questions1.doc
Janet Sanders
Influenza of 1918- Utah and the Nation
Links to pictures, 31 Utah newspaper articles, a chart of flu deaths, time line and survivor interviews

Janet Sanders

Deseret News Article on Spanish Flu in Utah
Article used with express permission from Deseret News editors
Spanish Flu in Utah--Deseret News
Tara via the Deseret News
Modern Explorers
Guided reading passages and discussion cards to use at end of unit on exploration, includes lesson plan

Jennifer Shirts (article sources cited)
Utah Immigrants, Ready-made Gallery Walk
Ready-to-print Gallery Walk on Utah's immigrants.

Tara C.
Then & Now Graphic organizer
A graphic organizer to compare Utah's transportation/communication from settlement to statehood to now!

Tara C.
Suggested Reading List
A list of reading resources put together by our very own Pam!

Strikes in Utah
An interesting read from the SL Trib about strikes in Utah in the early 1900s
SL Trib Article on Strikes
Tara & Judy
Go West, Young Man
Episode of American Ride from BYU TV. Attached 3-column notes form with map to record information during viewing of episode
Go West, Young Man (episode)

Jennifer S.
Diamante Poem Form
Diamante poem form includes descriptors of what students need to include in each line.

Jennifer S.
Utah's Growth and Data-Supported Prediction
Students use this blank line graph form with census data to track Utah's population growth and make a future prediction.
Historical Data (1900-1990)
2000 Census Data
2010 Census Data

Jennifer S.
Levels of Government Sort
A list of responsibilities for students to sort by government level

Jennifer S.