Boston Field Study Lesson Plans, 2012

Here you can peruse--and USE!--the lesson plans created by the JHAT, Jr. Cohort 1 based on their experiences touring and studying in the Boston/Philadelphia area.

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Amy Adams
Sticky note discussion about what makes you feel free.

Rebecca Barnhurst

Laurie Benson

Julie Bodtcher

Cyndee Bowser

Angelique Boyles

Peggy Coupe

Janet Crane

Reid Denison

Joanne Frost

Brenda Fuller

Dustin Fullmer

Tammy Fulmer

Kris Kimball
Students use google earth to virtually tour historic sites from the American Revolution.

LaNay King

Rachel Kovacs

Amelia Larsen
Compare and contrast the different types of transportation and reasons why people came to the New World and to Utah.

Joyce Leukel
Use a "user friendly" program and create a virtual field trip of Boston (I used Active Inspire.) Your students will enjoy following the "Freedom Trail" visiting historical sites and doing linked reading assignments at a few of them.

Michelle Lindsey
A 2-day lesson on the War of 1812

Jeri Martin
Plimoth Plantation & comparison between Colonists and Indians

Zelda McAllister

Norma Metz

DeAnn Moore

Emily Olaya

Machelle Rogers

Cathy Sandberg

Jennifer Shirts
Compare the similarities and differences between the motives, transportation, and lifestyles of Pilgrims of Plymouth with the Mormon Pioneers.

Carlene Tuft

Rachel Van Orden
Different perspective from the Boston Massacre.