We Love Our Teachers!

We are so excited to include teachers from 10 different schools--3 different school districts!--in our third JHAT, Jr. Cohort! These teachers will attend summer academy in 2013, will explore Boston & Philadelphia on the field study in July 2014, and continue to work with us on Professional Development.

Meet our wonderful Cohort 3 Teachers below!

kristen barnum.jpg
janae barron.jpg
jessica bringhurst.jpg
laurel coburn.jpg
Kristen Barnum, 5th grade
Rock Canyon Elementary
Janae Barron, 5th grade
Midas Creek Elementary
Jessica Bringhurst, 5th grade
Rock Canyon Elementary
Laurel Coburn, 5th grade
Timpanogos Intermediate
christina cooper.jpg
sheri copier.jpg
jason fife.jpg
andrea hinojosa.jpg
Christina Cooper, 5th grade
Rock Canyon Elementary
Sheri Copier, 5th grade
Mtn Shadows Elementary
Jason Fife, 8th grade
Elk Ridge Middle
Andrea Hinojosa, 8th grade
West Jordan Middle
tyler long-partei.jpg
noelle mauri.jpg
kaylyn mueske.jpg
larisa nageli.jpg
Tyler Long-Partei, 5th grade
Timpanogos Intermediate
Noel Mauri, 5th grade
Welby Elementary
Kaylyn Mueske, 5th grade
Heartland Elementary
Larisa Nageli, 5th grade
Midas Creek Elementary
suzanne prince.jpg
brady shaw.jpg

Suzanne Prince, 5th grade
Timpanogos Intermediate
Brady Shaw, 8th grade
South Hills Middle