5th Grade History Vignettes

This page is devoted to great vignette resources you can use with Guided or Shared reading. We try to make sure these are 5th grade level so they are classroom-ready. If you create one, please upload the file as a .doc or a pdf. Put in the title and the creator name (That's you!) in the appropriate boxes.

Vignette Title (i.e. The Columbian Exchange)
Creator Name (i.e. Tara)
Link to File (.doc or pdf, please!)
Why Were Some Europeans Attracted to Primitive Life?
Dr. Joyce Leukel
Why was Benjamin Franklin revered as one of the great scientists of the time?
Brenda Fuller
Ben Franklin.doc
Valentino Mania
Jennifer Shirts

Shell Shock in World War I
Emily Olaya

The Lusitania
Tara Chase
The Lusitania.pdf
The Treaty of Versailles
Tara Chase
The Treaty of Versailles.pdf

The Vietnam War
Tara Chase
The Vietnam War.pdf
The Manhattan Project
Tara Chase
The Manhattan Project.pdf